Once, in Ellcinder Wood, a door formed from the twisted bark and wooden knots on a juniper tree. Not a fancy door but one that held a wonderfully delightful secret, a powerful secret that changed the Ellcinder family forever.

~ Christina Cody ~
Changing the world ~ One word at a time.

Christina Cody is a dreamer, a wordsmith, and a talented smiler but her most favorite things to be are Author, Teacher , Military Spouse, and, best of all, Mother. She lives her dreams out loud and has published three children's books  to date ~ Monster Reader, The Pirate Scope, and The Perfectly Imperfect Pumpkin. Ellcinder is her first novel for young readers and is sure to be the book that opens the door to your imagination.

 Juniper's door is open! Buy your copy of Ellcinder now and don't miss out on the adventure.